Global Monitoring

Leonardo’s global monitoring systems improve situational awareness, operational efficiency and support to operators in decision-making, and guarantee safety and quality of services for people, critical infrastructure, transports and territories. Solutions designed and built to meet specific needs, which ensure the acquisition and coherent integration of information from diverse sources, the exploitation and sharing of data and the use of innovative technologies, combining operational requirements, safety and sustainability.

1,000 km

of metro lines for 500 stations in 20 cities worldwide managed by monitoring, command and control and communication systems


buses managed by the secure-by-design AVM (Automatic Vehicle Monitoring) platform in Buenos Aires and more than 10 million passengers who can use Leonardo's transport APP for transport service

up to 20

artificial intelligence-based video analysis algorithms and more than 10,000 cameras integrated by the Ganimede platform



Solutions for the protection of territory, security and sustainability of cities through advanced control rooms and integration platforms for advanced and real-time situational awareness and operational coordination of assets and personnel in the field (police, technicians and emergency teams). Solutions based on correlation of data from diverse sources, integration of cyber and intelligence, Big Data analysis, Artificial Intelligence applied to video and audio analysis, satellite technologies, secure communications and 5G.

Critical Infrastructure

Design and implementation of solutions for the security of people and assets, both physical and logical, the supervision and monitoring of systems and plants, the optimisation of processes and operational efficiency thanks to domain knowledge, the integration of systems and the operational support of Leonardo's reliable and cyber secure-by-design innovative platforms specifically designed for the different market segments: Ports, Airports, Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, Dams and road infrastructure.


New technologies and advanced solutions (5G, Artificial Intelligence, V2X communication – vehicle to everything, FRMCS-Future Railway Mobile Communication System, ITxPT – Information Technology for Public Transport) are the basis of Leonardo's systems for urban and rail transport. Management and monitoring platforms for operations centres, onboard units and supervision, control and automation systems make mobility increasingly safe, multimodal and interconnected, ensuring its operability and efficiency.

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