Global Monitoring

Leonardo’s command and control systems support operators in decision-making to protect the safety of people, critical infrastructure, major events and territories, even in emergency situations. Through consistent acquisition and integration of information from various sources, they improve security, operational effectiveness, and the quality of services.

1,000 km

of metro lines for 500 stations in 20 cities worldwide managed by command and control systems

10 million

users using the Leonardo app to get around on the 135,000 km bus network of Buenos Aires, managed by AVM (Automatic Vehicle Monitoring) systems

50 million

number plates read every day in the UK by a system of 14,000 video cameras



Platforms, control rooms and mobile operations centres (IMSS – Integrated Mobility Security Service), integrating systems and communications for complete real-time situational awareness, essential for workers in the field (police forces, operators and technicians) to enable management and coordination of people and equipment. Based on "command, control, communications, cyber and intelligence," the X-2030 platform processes and correlates data from disparate sources in real time, leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, supercomputing, deep learning and video analytics, for land protection and safer, more sustainable cities.

Safety and Security

Advanced video surveillance and video analysis systems based on Artificial Intelligence and deep learning, enabling real-time analysis of audio-video data in the control room. Advanced capability for use of licence plate recognition technologies (ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition).

Automation and transport

SCADA (Supervision, Control, Data Acquisition and Process Automation) systems, on-board and communication equipment, intelligent platforms with open architecture for the supervision and control of critical infrastructure in the fields of oil & gas, energy and transport (industrial plants, gas and electricity grids, mass transit fleets), collecting data from a variety of systems spread over wide areas.

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