Cyber Security & Resilience

Leonardo’s services and platforms guarantee the monitoring and predictive, proactive protection of strategic data and assets. Architectures and systems secure-by-design, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, virtualisation and supercomputing techniques play a central role in detecting and analysing cyber threats, as well as in responding to and resolving cyber attacks. Cyber defence training solutions enable the continuous training of cyber security operators.


security events handled per second by the Global Security Operation Centre (SOC)


compromise indicators monitored each year by the Global Security Operation Centre (SOC)


cyber security incidents per year handled by the Global Security Operation Centre (SOC)


personalised intelligence reports handled every day by the Global Security Operation Centre (SOC)



Consulting services for the assessment of cyber risks, definition of governance models, management and certification of cyber-resilience systems. Design and creation of secure-by-design solutions including Security Operation Centre (SOC) / Computer Emergency Response (CERT) / Intelligence Operation Centre (IOC).


Monitoring and management services of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) infrastructures, networks and systems, natively integrated with Threat Intelligence tools to increase detection capabilities against cyber threats. Training for cyber defence operators of governments and institutions, critical infrastructure and companies.


Platforms based on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud for Threat Intelligence activities dedicated to monitoring, identification and analysis of cyber-threats and support for decision-making to minimise the impact of possible attacks. Proprietary platforms, which exploit virtualisation and simulation techniques (digital twin) for cyber-training and testing the cyber resilience of physical and virtual equipment.

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