Leonardo is partner of CYBER4DE, the European project to improve incident response in defence

09 June 2022

In cyber security, together with attacks prevention, responsiveness in case of malware intrusions also play a key role. Named “Incident response”, it can be compared to a fire evacuation plan, which includes the knowledge and a set of procedures and devices that are immediately activated in emergency. Incident response is one of the aspects analyzed in the European Project CYBER4DE, of which Leonardo is a technological partner.

The technologies and the skills of Leonardo in Anomaly Detection and Cyber Threat Intelligence, for an early identification of threats and attacks to critical infrastructures, represent the contribution to CYBER4DE (Cyber Rapid Response Toolbox for Defence Use),  an European research project aimed to the development of a suite of integrated tools for improving  the incident response in case of cyber attacks.

The project has been funded under the EDIDP (European Defence Industrial Development) 2020 programme, which is part of the European Defence Fund aimed at supporting the development of strategic defence autonomy for Europe and promoting military cooperation within the EU. In particular, the project has the objective to develop an easily adoptable, modular and scalable toolbox to respond and manage cyber-attacks in complex national and international scenarios. CYBER4DE also aims to improve the procedures and practical rules of the Cyber Rapid Response Teams operating within the PESCO continental security framework.

The toolbox consists of four different modules: Workplace, Sensors, Back-office and Cloud services. The modules provide specific features for incident management, integrated into easily configurable and ready-to-use solutions to meet the needs required by multiple crisis management operations. To ensure modularity and flexibility to the toolbox, hardware and software will be developed natively with monitoring and security tools. At the same time, longevity and upgradeability will be guaranteed by using open technologies, enhanced by artificial intelligence.

With a budget of 10 million euros and a 30-months duration, the Project sees the participation of a consortium of European companies, coordinated by the Baltic Institute of Advanced Technologies, which includes Leonardo and the Lithuanian NRD Cyber Security, the Croats of Infigo IS, Poslovna Inteligencija, the Estonian company Talgen, the French Airbus Cybersecurity SAS, Thales Six GTS, Asseco Poland, and the Romanian METRA.

“Rapid response to cyber-attacks is one of the main interests of European Defence since it strongly affects safety, public health and stability of the society- says Tomas Žalandauskas, coordinator of the CYBER4DE project.

CYBER4DE will deliver a proven, production-grade, and ready-to-use toolbox that is secure by design, designed to address the most challenging operational scenarios, and built through the integration of state-of-the-art, mostly open-source software that provides the most advanced capabilities for incident response and crisis management”.

Key Player in defence research, Leonardo has been awarded 11 research and development projects, with the leadership of two of them. The issues addressed by the award-winning projects will cover a number of key sectors for Leonardo’s competitive positioning and for the development of the Member States supporting the initiatives. The topics are Counter-UAS, Space Situational Awareness and Early Warning against ballistic missile threats, Manned Unmanned teaming system for Helicopters, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Long Range Indirect Fire Support System, Self-Protection System, Earth and Maritime Observations Satellite.

In Cyber domain, Leonardo also participates in other European Defence Programmes, strengthening its collaboration with the Italian Defence about the cybersecurity of military infrastructures and the management of cyber incidents.


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