Critical Communications

Mission-critical and business-critical communication solutions to monitor and protect critical infrastructure, cities and territory, manage public security and emergency response operations. Networks and systems that use a wide technological spectrum, from narrowband to broadband, also using hybrid networks to ensure the coexistence and interoperability of conventional and more innovative systems.


countries in the world using Leonardo’s critical communication systems


control rooms and over 50,000 terminals managed ensuring secure communications for the Italian police force


digital radio stations for Health Emergency and Civil Protection management services in Italy

150,000 Km²

of Italian territory (about 50%) served by DMR communication infrastructures

>2,700 Km

of Italian highways managed by Leonardo digital radio systems


repeater sites for the Italian Guardia di Finanza coastal radio network: national coverage of more than 8,000 km of coastline up to 36 nautical miles


Narrowband Communication Systems

Digital narrowband mobile radio solutions (TETRA, DMR, GSM-R) for mission-critical and business-critical applications designed to guarantee operability even in case of significant infrastructure malfunctions, guaranteeing full delivery of voice and data services.

Professional Broadband

Systems that combine the versatility and capabilities of 4G and 5G networks with the operational models of traditional professional networks, extending their operability.

Hybrid Networks

Integrated multi-technology network solutions (narrowband/broadband) that guarantee full interoperability between the various radio carriers, supporting communications, including multimedia, between field operators and operations centres, and allowing a gradual and controlled evolution towards new generation networks.

PTT Communications over Cellular Networks

Cellular networks and related tools, such as smartphones, are becoming increasingly important in mission and business-critical communications. The radio communications paradigm is consequently being extended with multimedia through smartphones operated on public or private networks.

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