We protect your business, granting security, safety and resilience

Improving the security and safety of the economic and social environments through innovative solutions that increase the efficiency and resilience of public and private organizations and critical infrastructures is our mission. We offer solutions tailored to serve the security and digitization needs of our clients in many sectors:

These markets are served through a mix of competences and capabilities ranging from manufacturing of mechanical and electronic systems, digital infrastructures design, cyber security and intelligence, applications development, big data analytics and system integration. Taking advance from inherited expertise and capabilities in the military domain, dual use solutions are also a core part of the offer.

We design, develop and implement solutions partnering with public and private organizations to harness the latest technology and so deliver fully automated, yet highly robust, sustainable solutions for security in critical infrastructures, transportation, communications, and public services. Our approach, driven by a focus on risk management, combines robust process, smart technology – both proprietary and third party – and optimized organization.