Mission Future meets Chiara Piezzo and Francesco Stucci at the Cyber & Security Academy in Genoa

14 November 2022

The Mission Future journey reaches its third stop. Today we meet Chiara and Francesco, who take us on a tour inside the Cyber & Security Academy of Genoa Fiumara, the advanced training centre for cyber security, inaugurated by Leonardo last April. With them we will discover the skills and technologies that are strategic today for the protection of data, people and infrastructures.

Today we meet Chiara and Francesco, of Leonardo Cyber and Security Solutions, who work every day on projects aimed at guaranteeing the security of all citizens.

In this third edition of the Mission Future journey, Chiara Piezzo, Specialist in Software Security, Testing & Monitoring, and Francesco Stucci, Specialist in Cyber Security & Intelligence Systems Architectures, welcome us to the Torre Fiumara headquarters in Genoa, a centre of excellence with a strategic role for national security, where cloud, artificial intelligence and robotics represent the main business areas.

Together, they guide us around the brand-new premises of Leonardo's Cyber & Security Academy, a centre for advanced training, which enables institutions, companies and strategic infrastructures to train and qualify in cyber security, providing the tools to foster an increasingly secure digital transition.

Chiara tells us that after a degree in Robotics Engineering and a PhD in Japan, she joined Leonardo to work on cloud projects for defence and public administration, all developed following the principle of security by design, according to which software must be designed specifically to be secure.

Francesco, a graduate in Computer Science with a specialisation in Software Security from the University of Genoa, joined Leonardo through a scholarship programme. Today, he works on research, development and implementation of IT solutions specialising in data and information security.

All the technologies Chiara and Francesco work on have a strong impact on the daily life and security of the community. This is why they are both very proud of their work.

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