Leonardo partners with AdSP of the Eastern Sicilian Sea to secure the future of ports and cybersecurity

21 April 2023

In partnership with the Port System Authority (AdSP) of the Eastern Sicilian Sea, Leonardo took part in the ‘Digitisation and cybersecurity’ conference to explore issues around the need for secure and efficient port management.

Yesterday, the ‘Digitisation and cybersecurity - An essential combination for the country system’s ports, strategic and critical infrastructures’ conference, organised by the Port System Authority (AdSP) of the Eastern Sicilian Sea in partnership with Leonardo, was held at Palazzo Biscari, in Catania. The day offered an opportunity to discuss the current and future digitisation, safety and efficiency needs of a port with various European and national institutions. Participants included representatives from the European Commission, the Italian government and RAM (Rete Autostrade Mediterranee), an in-house company run by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the body that deals with the management and implementation of the National Digital Logistics Platform (PLN).

Leonardo, which was represented at the event by several members of its Cyber & Security activities team, has launched a partnership with the AdSP of the Eastern Sicilian Sea to develop a joint programme to improve the cybersecurity situation of the Sicilian authority that manages and organises the activities of the ports of Catania and Augusta. The objective is to define and implement a cyber security management system to support the port system infrastructure.

In the first panel, Nunzio Micalizzi, Sales Director Critical National Infrastructures & Transport at Leonardo Cyber & Security Solutions, sparked plenty of interesting discussions. But there was one concept that all of the various speakers had in common: digitisation is essential for improving efficiency, not only in terms of the speed of operations, space optimisation, reducing time and costs, but also in terms of increased sustainability and competitiveness.

The new digital dimension highlights the need to ensure global and convergent (physical and cyber) security. Ports are a critical infrastructure that represent a strategic, vulnerable and economically profitable sector, which can make them a potential target for malicious activities and cyber-attacks.

During the second panel, Gabriele Moretta, Head of Operations Cyber & Security Academy at Leonardo Cyber & Security Solutions, also stressed the importance of professional training and cybersecurity culture, especially in such critical contexts like the maritime sector.


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Cover image: © Catania Port Authority