Leonardo participates in the conference on the MaaS4Italy project: digital at the service of passengers

19 July 2022

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) represents the future for the multi-modal mobility of citizens. As part of the MaaS4Italy project, which involves 13 metropolitan Italian cities, Milan, Naples and Rome are leading trials of MaaS services: a new concept of innovative mobility centred on citizens.

From 14-15 July, Rome hosted the conference ‘MaaS4Italy: The future in Italy is Mobility as a service’. Organized by TTS Italia, the National Association for Telematics in Transportation and Security, the event was an opportunity for institutions and companies to share ideas about the national MaaS4Italy project and to discuss the roadmap towards the future of MaaS. Leonardo participated in the round table ‘The future of MaaS in Italy: from experimentation to business’, with a contribution from Marco Ghisi, Vice President Offer Engineering, Cyber & Security Solutions Division.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) means a new concept of urban mobility focused on citizens, enabling them to use different modes of transport, both private and public, via an app that supports every step from planning to payment for the journey. This approach allows travellers to select the combination of transport modes most suited to their specific trip, without having to interact with multiple public transportation services.

MaaS is based on the availability and sharing of data, ensuring quality, security and certification, as well as interoperability across transportation systems, platforms and technologies to build an ecosystem that meets the needs of daily commuters in urban environments.

Leonardo joined the National Centre for Sustainable Mobility recently, and has the capability to act as a technological partner to municipalities and transportation companies in developing the new MaaS model. This contribution relies on the company’s products and solutions, which are already available for applications in the e-Bus world.

They are designed to collect, process and integrate multi-modal public transportation data and provide enabling information to MaaS services, such as mass transit asset monitoring & integration. Leonardo’s contribution is also based on the relationships, built on collaboration and trust, that the company has with the main municipalities and public transportation companies.

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