Cyber Dialogues: Leonardo's Cyber & Security Academy explained by Stefano Bordi and Alessandro Curioni

25 May 2022

How widespread is the security culture in Italy? How much do cyber and physical security converge? And, above all, how can Leonardo share the experience gained over many years working alongside the security operators of large public and private organisations and police forces worldwide? In this double Cyber ‘Dialogues’ interview, Stefano Bordi and Alessandro Curioni of the Leonardo Cyber Academy tell us about the goals and features of this latest offering in the security training field.

Following the presentation of the Cyber & Security Academy, a new episode of the Dialogues video series is now available, a double interview video providing in-depth information on important Cyber & Security issues.

Featured in this episode are Stefano Bordi, Director of Leonardo's Cyber & Security Academy, and Alessandro Curioni, a member of the Technical Scientific Committee.

In this clip, the interviewees are asked a few simple questions to find out more about the inception and objectives of this new high-level training centre, a complementary resource to university courses and post-graduate masters, that provides immersive training courses that are perfectly tailored to the needs of security operators, whether they work for public administration or major private enterprises. The Academy makes use of Leonardo’s most advanced attack and defence simulation platforms, Cyber Range and the Cyber Trainer, which are both capable of reproducing highly complex and extremely realistic scenarios.

Themes of particular interest are the humanistic approach to technologies, the human tech paradigm, and the innovative ergonomic concept behind the physical spaces of the group’s newly inaugurated headquarters in Genoa.


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