The ANCI National Assembly showcases solutions for sustainable and smart cities

25 November 2022

Leonardo is participating in the ANCI Assembly ANCI 2022 with X-2030 and EMODS, its platforms for city management and energy efficiency

From 22nd to 24th November, Bergamo hosted the annual assembly of the National Association of the Italian Municipalities (ANCI), where mayors from across the country used the three-day conference to discuss the most pressing topics facing local authorities. Among the issues debated were strengthening and optimising services through new technologies, rationalising energy consumption, improving security for citizens and cities, and making the most of the major opportunity presented by Next Generation EU funding.

X-2030 for City Management

Leonardo took part in the Bergamo exhibition with a booth displaying solutions created to improve life in the city. In particular, the X-2030 platform, a latest generation City Management system, capable of interacting with existing systems to collect, filter and correlate data from diverse sources, whether structured or otherwise. Recently, this platform has been adopted by the Municipality of Palermo, where it will be used primarily for improving urban mobility and supporting the safety and security of citizens. This is possible thanks to its ability to link with the AVM bus fleet control system, infomobility and ZTL gate management systems, the traffic light network, sensors and platforms dedicated to environmental monitoring, and Palermo’s video surveillance system.

X-2030 for the security of bridges and roads

One of the most interesting applications of X-2030 is for road infrastructure monitoring: sensors installed on roads and viaducts which continuously provide data, enabling Structural Health Monitoring – the constant monitoring of the status of asphalt and concrete.

The platform searches for documents related to infrastructure inside linked databases and displays the results to operators. The operator can then use the infrastructure digital twin (its digital copy) to check if stresses could damage the infrastructure over time or if they represent an immediate danger.

For this application, X-2030 makes use of the innovation, technical and domain skills of “Mille Infrastrutture - Rete d'imprese”, a network consisting of 24 universities, the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), the Scuola Superiore di Sant’Anna (SSSA), seven research centres with more than 60 start-ups and university spin offs, 15 major companies and five technological districts.

EMODS for energy efficiency

Every day, public authorities have to face the problem of energy efficiency, which impacts both the environment and energy costs. To improve the energy efficiency of city infrastructure, Leonardo developed the EMODS (Energy Management Optimisation & Decision Support) platform, which makes use of modelling and simulation techniques, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and advanced analysis tools for Big Data generated by sensors. The reports created by EMODS provide a complete picture of energy consumption. Thanks to this information, energy managers can define actions for more efficient energy management and for tracking the results achieved in terms of energy and cost savings.


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