Market Areas

Improving the security and safety of the economic and social environments through innovative solutions that increase the efficiency and resilience of public and private organizations and critical infrastructures is our mission. We offer solutions tailored to serve the security and digitalization needs of our clients in many sectors.

Oil & Gas and Energy

Integrated technological solutions for the physical and cybernetic protection of people, assets and structures, supporting upstream, midstream and downstream activities of oil and gas companies. Cybersecure-by-design systems and platforms that use artificial intelligence and big data analysis to increase information sharing, situational awareness and integrated process management.

Government & Defense

Solutions, technologies and services for the enhancement, resilience and secure digital transformation of systems, data and infrastructures of national and international Government Agencies, Defence Organisations and Public Administrations.

Law enforcement and emergencies

Integrated solutions for critical communications and the monitoring and protection of strategic infrastructures, cities and regions, supporting coordinated operations for law enforcement, local surveillance, crime control and protection of people and the environment.

Smart cities and major events

From mobility to energy, environmental protection to communications and management of physical and cyber security, infrastructures and major events, Leonardo implements a synergetic approach to all aspects of the urban setting to support the process of transforming cities into interconnected, sustainable and inclusive realities to the benefit of citizens and the region.


Our technological innovation for digital, interconnected, multimodal and safe mobility and in particular for urban transport on road, metro and railways. Advanced all-in-one On board solutions for systems integrations and provision of all the functionalities for monitoring and control of vehicles and infotainment of passengers. Specialized and innovative cab-radio for secure board-to-ground communications for metro and railways  Operational control centre platform for fleet and service management, supervision, control and automation of lines and the physical and cyber security of the whole infrastructure.

Ports & Maritime traffic

Technological solutions for an efficient, secure and sustainable port thanks to synergic interoperability of technology systems and solutions to improve traffic flow of passengers and goods, increase safety and security and optimized processes and infrastructures also to make port more sustainable.


Nowadays airport has become a multiservice and multifunctional environment that moves passengers, baggage and goods and offers traditional services as travel and transport as well as entertainment services. Leonardo offer a complete range of advanced and integrated solutions to maximize overall safety and security, while increasing operational efficiency and profitability, providing sustainability and guarantying an enhanced passenger experience.

Industrial sector

Advanced solutions for the industrial sector based on Industry 4.0 technological paradigm, for the organisation and automatic management of the manufacturing process by collecting and analysing big data. Secure-by-design platforms control and connect production and supply chain processes, and include machine learning algorithms to predict faults and cyber threats that could interrupt plant operation.

Critical Infrastructures

Solutions for the safety and security of critical infrastructure (roads, bridges, dams and tunnels etc.), integrating heterogeneous IoT sensors and systems. Control room platforms, solutions for managing physical and digital protection, effective and reliable communications and process automation support. The cybersecure-by-design solutions use innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data analytics in order to increase situational awareness.